Why Your Skincare Routine Can’t Be Average

It is a well-known fact that we will all notice signs of aging at some point. It is also common knowledge that various plastic surgery procedures can be performed to rejuvenate areas in which the signs of aging cannot be disguised, such as the face. If we look at these two ends of the spectrum of aging, doing nothing or having surgery, we miss the expansive gap in between them. Today, many people are more interested in managing their aging skin than in correcting moderate to severe laxity and sagging. The primary way that this is done is to use certain skincare products each day. Here, we point out why daily washing and moisturizing isn’t enough.

Skin Care is Multifaceted

To care for the skin in a way that produces results, we must move beyond the use of mass-produced products. We don’t claim that store-bought creams and serums are bad. However, we will point out that products that are available without a skin analysis are formulated with the lowest concentration of active ingredients. This is done to avoid skin irritation. Where there are few active ingredients, there tends to be less support for aging skin. To ensure you’re using products that are suited to your skin, it is beneficial to schedule a Visia skin analysis in our Sarasota office.

In addition to the actual products that are applied to the skin, other factors influence the outcome of your skincare regimen. These include:

  • We go wrong when we assume that all of the liquids we consume are equal. Some beverages, such as coffee and alcohol, are dehydrating. When these drinks are consumed, we must offset their effects with even more water, keeping in mind that 64 ounces a day is recommended without needing to correct a deficiency.
  • We are led to believe that topical products nourish our skin. They do, but not all by themselves. Without good dietary nutrition and hydration, we are once again spending more time trying to repair cellular damage than supporting optimal renewal. The skin loves when we eat antioxidants, vitamin C, and healthy fats. Maintaining a nutrient-dense diet is a great way to age gracefully.
  • This is a big one for anyone who invests in skincare products. If the skin is not exfoliated well every so often, debris will accumulate on the surface. Oils, dirt, makeup, skin cells, and bacteria form a layer on the epidermis that blocks skin serums, moisturizers, and other products. Without penetration, no skincare product can be efficient. Chemical peels, available in our Sarasota office, are a convenient and comfortable method of making sure the skin is ready to absorb its topically applied nutrients.

Healthy skin will always matter, regardless of age. For help managing your skin, call (941) 379-6647.

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