woman wash her face in the bathroom after shower

Is it time to change your skincare routine?

If your skin care routine amounts to washing your face twice a day (most of the time) with whatever soap just happens to be sitting there, it may be time for you to make some changes. And, if you’ve been using the same products on your skin since you were a teenager, it also might… Read More »

7+ KYBELLA® Facts

It is frustrating and unfair but it’s true – no matter how many times a week you go to the gym and no matter how many times you have opted for celery when you really wanted ice cream, you can still end up with a double chin. To make it even worse, a double chin… Read More »

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Is a chemical peel right for you?

Treatments to keep people looking good have always been popular – chemical peels, for instance, have been around in one form or another for thousands of years. But they have really become popular (and more and more common) in the past 30 years or so, with improvements on the process all the time. Are you… Read More »

Hands Injecting Syringe With Botox For Face Treatment

8+ Things You Should Know About Botox

You probably have a friend, coworker, or relative who has had Botox for cosmetic purposes. It is a very popular procedure and for good reason! Are you thinking that it might be time for your own Botox treatment? You might have some questions – here are 8+ things that you might not know about Botox! Why Botox?… Read More »

woman worry about her face when she saw the problem of acne inflammation

Is it time to see a doctor about acne?

Acne is commonly known as a teenage issue, but even adults know it can strike at any time (often at the worst time possible). The occasional pimple is one thing, but what if you have painful, persistent acne that won’t go away no matter what home treatments you try? Or, maybe you are tired of having acne… Read More »

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What Is a Non-Surgical Facelift?

Wrinkles, sagging skin, fine lines, and crow’s feet. We all eventually notice these signs of aging in the mirror. But we don’t necessarily want others to notice them, too.  Some of us will seek out plastic surgery, but the idea of a traditional facelift may not sit well with others. The cost, risk, and recovery… Read More »

man in the beach spraying sunscreen

Sorry Sunshine, You’re not a Friend to Our Skin!

There are several reasons to choose Sarasota as a place to call home, even if only for part of the year. As a sunny location, Florida, in general, attracts people who love to be outdoors. They love to be on the water or on a beach with a tasty drink in hand. Every day is… Read More »

woman are happy with perfect clean healthy skin and beautiful long brown hair.

Refresh Your Appearance with Dermal Fillers

The signs of aging. We know they are going to appear at some point. And when they do, they just don’t seem to stop. This may be the nature of cosmetic aging but we are not powerless to manage our appearance as we age. If you are feeling the frustration of never-ending changes to the… Read More »

man getting hairloss injections treatment

Why You May Want to Try PRP Hair Loss Treatment Now

Hair loss is a frustrating problem that can affect both men and women. Historically, people interested in addressing this biological, sometimes hereditary condition have had to consider surgical hair transplant. Today, we have a much less invasive, much more natural way to stimulate more robust hair growth in an area where the cycle has been… Read More »

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