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Meet the American Dermatology Team. We are group of dedicated dermatology professionals that work to always provide the best possible experience for our patients in Sarasota, FL. Call us today at (941) 379-6647 to schedule an appointment!


American Dermatology provides a wide range of skin care services including medical medical skin conditionsissues and skin cancer screenings to dermal fillers and various laser treatments. To learn more about the services dermatologist Dr. Trent and her team provides, visit our Services page.

Our team at American Dermatology is kind, compassionate, and sensitive to you and your skin care concerns. We get to know each of our patients so that you can feel comfortable when you come in for treatment. We don’t want you to dread going to the dermatologist, so we are dedicated to developing a strong sense of trust between our dermatology patients and our team.

American Dermatology Associates proudly serves patients in Sarasota, FL and surrounding areas. Contact us at (941) 379-6647 or fill out a Contact Form here.

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