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look younger without surgery in Sarasota, FLWe are living in exciting times where there are so many advances in cosmetic medicine. We can take years off your face without the need for surgery and without all the risks of surgery. This nonsurgical trend has continued to grow as new technologies have been developed to rejuvenate the skin. People are living longer now and want to look good as they age. Those in the workforce want to stay looking younger to maintain a competitive advantage over their younger co-workers. Combination treatments are becoming more popular because, as we have learned, aging is multifactorial. Since there are many factors that lead to aging, it takes many different treatments to combat it effectively. We have the treatment armamentarium to Take Back Ten years for you.

Facial Aging

Facial aging is not just the results of aging of the outer layer of the skin. It is caused by the loss and redistribution of fat, as well as bone loss, both of which leads to hollowing of the face. Loss of collagen and elastin leads to skin laxity and rough dull skin. The combination of Botox, fillers, biostimulators, lasers, and PRF (platelet rich fibrin) has helped to take years off of the aging face. Botox will prevent muscle movement, thereby reducing wrinkles and fine lines, especially with continued regular use. Fillers and biostimulators will fill in areas of bone and fat loss resulting in revolumization of a sunken face. Lasers and PRF will help improve the appearance and texture of your skin by rebuilding collagen and elastic fibers.

It is also important to preserve the results you achieve. This requires periodic maintenance of the procedures you received, also known as “tweakments”. Botox can last from about 3-4 months on average. Depending on the filler, the results can last 6 months to 2 years. Biostimulators can last up to 2 years. Laser treatments and PRF may need to be repeated every 6-12 months after desired results are achieved. In order to help sustain these results, good skin care at home is essential. Your basic daily regimen should include a good sunscreen, antioxidant, retinoid, growth factors, and moisturizer.

Every patient is different and requires a customized treatment plan. There is no one size fits all for cosmetic dermatology. If you are interested in building your own treatment plan to Take Back Ten, give us a call at our Sarasota, FL office: 941-379-6647.

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