Why the Non-surgical Facelift is so Valuable

When we reach a certain age, we may worry incessantly about the worry lines on our forehead. We may try to minimize the intensity of our facial expressions so that we don’t worsen the lines around the outer edges of the eyes or deepen the creases around our nose and mouth. This is no way to address the signs of aging. We know they will progress over time, so it’s better to not try and stop this from happening. Instead, correction can be achieved. It’s even possible to look dramatically refreshed without surgery. In our Sarasota office, we can accomplish excellence with a non-surgical facelift. Here, we discuss what that is and how it may benefit you.

An Innovative Technique Gets to the Heart of the Matter

Facial aging is a combination of various changes that occur in all parts of the face. First, the breakdown of collagen results in thinner skin. The decrease in elastin makes the skin less stretchy. Facial movements result in chronic muscle tension, which causes the skin to wrinkle in certain areas, such as between the brows. Then, we’ve got structural changes. In the mid-face, the fat pads that give the cheeks their height deflate. This sends volume downward to the jawline. Facelift surgery has historically been the primary method of facial rejuvenation. However, surgery cannot address each of these issues. Injectables and other modalities can.

The Non-Surgical Facelift Approach

As we have come to understand the reasons behind various signs of aging, such as jowls and nasolabial folds, we’ve found more effective solutions for these problems. The non-surgical facelift works by restructuring the skin’s foundation. Botox is a common part of the non-surgical facelift because this addresses the muscle tension that causes frown lines, worry lines, and crow’s feet. Dermal fillers are a common part of this technique because they can add volume back to the cheek area. With improved structure there, the lower face gets a gentle lift. When jowls are mild, they may be smoothed due to this lifting effect. A non-surgical facelift is not limited to injectables. Many people also undergo some sort of resurfacing or collagen induction treatment to address other consequences of aging, such as sunspots or rough texture.

The value of a non-surgical facelift is immense because it is tailored to each individual. Let us cater to your needs for facial rejuvenation. Call (941) 379-6647 to schedule your consultation.

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