There’s Time for a Quick Change Before the Holidays

At American Dermatology Associates, our experienced team offers the scope of care that patients need to keep their skin looking healthy and vibrant. As we prepare for the upcoming holiday season, one of the questions we hear a lot is whether or not there is enough time to refresh before the party-invitations start rolling in. There is plenty of time. Here, we discuss why a liquid facelift may be the ideal pre-holiday treatment.

The Liquid Facelift Procedure

As the name implies, a liquid facelift is intended to achieve similar improvements as a surgical facelift. Using multiple injectable solutions, such as Botox and dermal fillers, an experienced provider can reduce the appearance of sagging brows, frown lines, deep creases, and flattened cheeks. The only concern that is not typically addressed with a liquid facelift is sagging skin, such as jowls. In some cases, laser skin resurfacing can achieve some improvement in skin elasticity and firmness. For severely lax skin, a surgical lift may be the best option for correction.

The liquid facelift is more than your average injectable treatment. The nonsurgical procedure is conducted in a way that focuses on specific areas of the face that are involved in aging. For example, one dermal filler may be deposited into the cheek area to correct volume loss. Another filler may be introduced into the lips to correct deflation and flattening of the top lip line. Before treatment, a thorough consultation is performed to identify the areas that need attention and which products would be most effective at rejuvenating those areas. No two liquid facelift procedures look exactly alike.

After a Liquid Facelift

Because a liquid facelift involves nothing more than injections, there is no real downtime to speak of. Patients may be advised to rest for about 24 hours. This generally revolves around exercise and more strenuous activity that increases heart rate and, with it, the risk of bruising. The day after treatment, most normal activities can be resumed.  A week after a liquid facelift, the full effects of injections should be noticeable, giving you much more to smile about as you think ahead to a joyful holiday season.

Learn more about the liquid facelift and what it can do to make your season brighter. Schedule a consultation at our Sarasota office at (941) 379-6647.

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