Is a Nonsurgical Facelift Right for You?


It is exciting to see the extent of growth that has occurred in the field of cosmetic medicine. In just a short period of time, we have seen an enormous shift away from surgical procedures aimed at rejuvenating the face. Men and women of all ages are now turning to non-surgical treatment options for wrinkle-reduction, skin-tightening, and more. At American Dermatology Associates, patients are able to address multiple concerns at once. One way we can do this is with the liquid facelift.
liquid facelift is exaLiquid Facelift Sarasota, FLctly what you may imagine based on the name. This minimally invasive protocol begins with a thorough consultation during which you discuss your concerns at length with an experienced physician. A brief examination of your skin is also conducted as a way to fully understand the way that aging has affected characteristics from resiliency to overall firmness and structure. At the end of this visit, you will have a thorough understanding of the process of wrinkle-reduction and volume-restoration that can refresh your appearance.
What a Liquid Facelift Can Do
Every liquid facelift treatment is unique because every face is unique. The objective of treatment is to use fillers and neuromodulators to restore an overall youthful appearance by reducing the appearance of lines and creases around the nose and mouth, around the eyes, and on the forehead. Contours are restored to the jawline and the cheeks, and possibly the lips, using appropriate dermal filler products. Fillers are selected based on the texture and thickness of your skin and the areas that need correction. For instance, cheek augmentation is often performed with Juvederm Voluma, a denser hyaluronic acid filler developed for structural enhancement. Lip augmentation is normally achieved with a lighter, softer filler such as Juvederm Ultra Plus or Volbella.
Why the Non-Surgical Facelift is Popular
If you’re exploring the option of a liquid facelift, you are already aware of the reason why this treatment is so popular: most people would like to avoid surgery. The use of dermal fillers and wrinkle-reducing neuromodulators occurs with little to no downtime and with a very short waiting period between treatment and full results. The techniques employed in treatment achieve natural rejuvenation that does not look overdone, overfilled, and unnatural. Furthermore, because soft-tissue fillers and neuromodulators lose their effectiveness gradually, as products are metabolized, the entire rejuvenating process occurs naturally and progressively, allowing plenty of time for retreatments as needed to maintain a vibrant, fresh appearance.
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