What to Expect Before, During, and After Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a popular treatment for reducing unwanted hair in various areas of the body. Common areas of focus include the arms, legs, back, bikini, and abdomen. Laser hair removal can be performed nearly anyplace you would like to be hair-free, including the ears, upper lip, head, and feet.

To achieve the best results from laser hair removal, it is necessary to have several treatments performed. These are usually scheduled about 8 weeks apart, allowing the hair growth cycle to progress new hairs into follicles. While a series of treatments are needed, each looks the same. This is what you can expect during your laser hair removal program that is tailored to your needs.

Before Laser Hair Removal

Before laser hair removal sessions, you will need to avoid sun exposure. The more contrast there is between your hair color and your skin tone, the better. Also, having a suntan at the time of treatment could increase the intensity of the side effects of laser energy. The day before laser hair removal, you should shave the area that will be treated. You should arrive at your appointment wearing loose, comfortable clothing. Depending on the area being treated, you may remove some of your clothes. Your provider will cover you with a sheet or robe as needed. Before the treatment begins, you will be given special goggles to protect your eyes from the laser light.

During Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is performed with a small handpiece that is pressed against the skin in a stamping motion, delivering bursts of laser light. The light enters many hair follicles at once, vaporizing strands of hair and transferring heat into the walls of the follicles. Small areas can be treated in just a few minutes. Larger areas like the legs or back can take about an hour.

After Laser Hair Removal

Immediately after the treatment is complete, the skin may look red and slightly swollen. This can last a few hours but is no cause for concern. Redness and swelling are natural side effects of the heat that is absorbed into hair follicles. The skin may feel sunburned and slightly irritated, also because of the heat that enters the follicles. This side effect can be managed by applying cool compresses as needed. Rarely, the skin reacts with inflammation. If this occurs, the doctor can prescribe a steroid cream to use until the irritation has resolved.

Laser hair removal is beneficial because it frees up time to do other things, saves money, and prevents uncomfortable shaving-related problems like razor burn and ingrown hairs. To schedule your laser hair removal appointment in our Sarasota office, call (941) 379-6647.

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