How to Stop Looking So Tired

Dermatology Services | Sarasota, FLWith most people being so busy these days, one of the common complaints that arises sounds something like this: “I feel like I’m sleeping, but I always look so tired!” No one likes to look tired even if they are, to be honest. We all have life and energy inside of us and we like that to be what is portrayed in our appearance. This isn’t an impossible goal. The team at American Dermatology has several ways to reduce the signs of aging and restore more vibrant energy to the face without requiring the downtime associated with plastic surgery.


Looking tired often means that age and lifestyle have changed the appearance of the eyes. For some, it is dark circles or puffiness under the eyes that tire the face. A drooping brow could also be the problem. The eyebrows are directly related to the upper eyelids. When the tissue on the forehead weakens, the muscle that operates the eyebrows has more of a downward pull. This tug on the brows adds bulk to the upper eyelids. With more bulk, the eyes do not look as wide and awake. This common problem has a simple fix. Botox injections into the brow area reduce the muscle tension that brings the eyebrows down. Within about one week after a short visit, the eyes are more open and alert, reviving the appearance of the whole face.

Dermal Fillers

Those dark circles and puffiness that we mentioned do not tend to improve with Botox treatment. Under the eyes, we turn to dermal fillers to disguise the effects of age. Injections do not get rid of undereye bags. The way that fillers work is by bringing depressed tissue up to the surface. Most filler products do this by binding to water molecules in the dermis. When the crease below the eye at the upper cheek is brought to a smooth transition, bags, and circles miraculously disappear.

Skin Resurfacing

Over time, dead and damaged skin cells mar the epidermis. Their buildup causes the skin to look generally dull. Dull skin is a problem we don’t talk about very much but it is a facial characteristic that most definitely portrays a general lack of energy. Skin resurfacing can be as simple as a lunchtime chemical peel performed once a month. Also simple but more comprehensive is the option of laser skin resurfacing. Either technique revives the radiance of the skin by removing the debris that has accumulated on the surface.

Look like your most vibrant self this summer. Contact our Sarasota office at (941) 379-6647 to schedule a facial rejuvenation treatment tailored to your needs.

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