Turn the Clock Back on Your Skin

BBL Forever Young™ Sarasota, FLWe’ve reached the point in the year when our clocks recently sprung forward. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could take the same concept to our skin, only in reverse? What a treat it would be to enjoy youthful skin for a lifetime! Thanks to developments in medical technology, this idea is becoming a real possibility. According to studies, including one conducted by Stanford University researchers, the use of BBL, or broadband light, may be the ticket we’ve been looking for.

Aging can do a number on the body. What we tend to see is what we can’t avoid. We’re talking about facial aging. The fact is, life can be hard on the face. Sun exposure, stress, diet, smoking and other lifestyle habits, and so many more factors accumulate in our most visible organ. At some point, most of us look in the mirror with slight (or significant) disappointment about the way our appearance has changed. The telltale signs of aging don’t always have to be corrected with surgery. With Forever Young BBL™ treatments, many of our Sarasota patients have brought out their own personal Benjamin Button.

Is it Really Possible to Age in Reverse?

Forever Young BBL™ skin treatment has been credited with achieving dramatic results when utilized as a key aspect of an ongoing anti-aging regimen. Study participants who received semi-annual treatments demonstrated significant cellular rejuvenation. Studies indicate that broadband light has an effect on pigment-producing cells in a manner that can reverse photoaging such as sunspots. Skin biopsies have also demonstrated an increase in epidermal thickness after a series of BBL treatments.

Skin treatments conducted with the Sciton Joule’s© Forever Young BBL™ technology offer a non-invasive approach to dermatologic rejuvenation. An advanced laser technology, BBL targets the deeper dermal cells at the molecular level. This means that broadband light treatments are not a quick fix; they are intended for long-term gains in the appearance of the skin. In one study, researchers calculated that 8 years of annual BBL treatments accumulated to a nine-year reduction in a person’s perceived appearance.

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