PRF vs. PRP Treatments For Hair Loss

hair lossAndrogenic alopecia, or male and female pattern baldness, was once thought to be an inevitable part of aging. However, due to continuous advances in science and medicine, this type of hair loss can now be effectively combatted.

You may have heard of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments for hair loss. Utilizing your blood, a solution is created intended to increase recovery and upregulate the production of cells like hair follicles. Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is similar to PRP in that your blood is utilized; however, it is far more effective at increasing recovery and upregulating the production of cells.

Let’s take a look at how PRF stands up against PRP for hair loss.

PRP’s Effects On Hair Loss

Before examining how PRF compares to PRP treatments, it’s important to establish the baseline for hair loss treatment with PRP.

Studies have shown that PRP is effective at treating hair loss. In fact, when compared to minoxidil and finasteride, the two most commonly used drug interventions for hair loss, PRP performed better. The meta-analysis found that 84% of studies reported a positive effect when studying PRP’s effects on hair loss.

So, how does PRP work?’By utilizing growth factors present in your body, a doctor will extract your blood, treat it to form a solution that is then injected into application sites to address hair loss. The PRP solution is filled with factors that increase cell activity and encourage regrowth.

Is PRF Better Than PRP Treatments? 

The science says yes. A study found PRF to have three to five times more of the growth factors that help combat hair loss than are found in PRP. This same study showed satisfactory results to varying degrees of baldness, implying that PRF may be effective despite the progression of your hair loss.

American Dermatology Associates Can Help You Fight Hair Loss

There’s no reason to resign yourself to hair loss. At American Dermatology Associates, Inc.,we are proud to offer the superior hair loss treatment of PRF. Board-certified Dr. Jennifer Trent and her team have made it a mission to provide help. Located in Sarasota, Florida, our team of healthcare professionals provide the best care and service possible.

If you’re ready to learn more about PRF treatments, call at 941-379-6647 to schedule an appointment.

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