Can you Eat your Way to Younger Skin?

As much focus is placed on restoring vibrancy and resilience to aging skin, we believe that it’s also important to discuss how we can manage beauty on a day to day basis, and from the inside out. Aging is a natural process that will, in fact, affect the skin at some point. Just when that happens, and to what degree, may be more in your hands than you imagine.

The staff at American Dermatology Associates is here to help you address medical and cosmetic skin conditions with the latest proven treatments. At the same time, we want to point out how your plate holds great power for your skin.

Foods for healthier skin include:

  • Chocolate? Yes! To be clear, it’s the flavonols in dark chocolate that lend to suppler, firmer, better-hydrated skin. The higher the cacao content in that square of chocolate, the better. For the true benefit, reach for a bar that is at least 70% cacao. Those Hershey chocolate bars probably hold little value for your skin.
  • This seemingly intricate fruit (just how do you get those seeds out?) fights free radicals with polyphenols. These plant chemicals also regulate blood flow to the skin, which can increase your rosy glow. Pomegranates aren’t so difficult today, with ready-made juices available in most grocery stores.
  • This type of nut is valuable to the skin because it contains a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to support elasticity in aging skin. Collagen is also boosted when you routinely choose walnuts as a healthy snack. That’s because walnuts are also high in copper, a nice collagen booster.
  • Flaxseeds or flaxseed oil. These seeds are a great alternative or compliment to walnuts because they also contain omega 3s. In one study, just a half a teaspoon of flaxseed each day resulted in substantially less redness and irritation, as well as improved hydration, after six weeks.
  • Not any old oatmeal; steel-cut oats. This less-processed version of a morning favorite has more vitamins to nourish the body, and more bulk to manage blood sugar over a longer period. This is how oatmeal can support youthful skin. When your body experiences a sugar spike, the production of androgens increases and these hormones have been associated with premature aging. Double-down! Sprinkle some flaxseed and pomegranate seeds over your morning bowl of goodness!

Here’s what we love about this list: these foods are available year-round, so your skin-boosting diet doesn’t have to be interrupted throughout the changing seasons.

Do you need care for aging or irritated skin? Contact us. We’re here to help.

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