Kybella: The Solution for that Double-Chin Problem

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According to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, stubborn submental fullness (double-chin fat) is reportedly problematic for 67% of surveyed individuals. That accounts for the majority of us. If you are among those who are frustrated by excess fat and skin beneath the chin, you may be struggling to feel optimally confident. Also, you may be interested to know how you can reveal that confident You without having to undergo surgery. Your Sarasota dermatologist uses Kybella as a solution. Before we discuss the benefits of this treatment, let’s see why submental fullness commonly develops.

What causes a double-chin?


Our genetic makeup predetermines a lot about how we will age, from the shape of our body to the condition of our skin. Genetics also determine where fat is prone to accumulate on our body – and how much. In some people, it is the chin and neck area that is susceptible to excess fat.


Submental fullness often gives the illusion of excess weight. Conversely, excess weight can also increase the appearance of submental fullness. There is no way to predict where excess fat will settle on the body. For many people, that location is the chin area.


We commonly presume that age will cause lines and wrinkles. What we may not expect is the laxity, or looseness, that develops when collagen diminishes. Collagen is the protein that supports the firmness of our skin. Without adequate strength, superficial tissues release their stronghold on fatty tissue, allowing it to protrude below the chin.

The Solution for Submental Fullness

Kybella® is the only injectable product that has been approved specifically for the treatment of submental fullness. The deoxycholic acid on which Kybella is formulated is a naturally-occurring substance that exists in the body to break down dietary fat. Extensive clinical trials have demonstrated the power of strategic introduction of deoxycholic acid into the localized area beneath the chin. When introduced to the fatty tissue that creates submental fullness, deoxycholic acid destroys targeted cells, restoring the angular nature of the jawline.

Discover how Kybella can permanently reduce submental fullness and restore a more youthful jawline for you. Call our Sarasota office at (941) 379-6647.

Kybella® is the first FDA-approved product to eliminate submental fat and could be a good choice for you if you are frustrated with the look of the skin under your chin.

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