Am I Losing Too Much Hair?

Hair grows in a cyclical nature. We lose some hair every day and grow new hair to replace what has fallen out. The lifecycle of the hair is usually not problematic. However, because hair loss can lead to thinning or balding in some people, there is often a concern when hair is noticed in the shower, on a hairbrush, or other signs point to potentially too much hair loss. Here, we discuss what is normal, what may not be normal, and what you can do if you believe your pattern of hair growth is changing.

Signs of excessive hair loss may include:

  • You see hair on your pillow after sleeping. We often expect to see a moderate amount of hair after we shampoo. This is because the act of rubbing the scalp may release hairs that are at the end of their lifecycle, washing them to the drain. Frequently seeing hair on the pillow could indicate that hair is falling out more easily than may be normal.
  • Your part looks wider than it once was. Hair loss occurs differently in all affected people. Sometimes, it is the crown of the head that experiences diffuse thinning. A widening part could indicate hair loss related to a number of factors, including chemical products and hairstyles.
  • Your ponytail has shrunk. If you often tie your hair up in a ponytail, you’re used to its usual thickness. Excessive hair loss can diminish the volume of hair with the only real clue being that the amount of hair tied in an elastic band seems to have decreased.
  • Hairstyles don’t look the same anymore. Hair loss can change the way the hair looks. Where you may have once straightened thick, wavy hair to smooth it, you may now feel that your straightened hair looks flat and lifeless.

These indicators are not failproof. Generally, we lose up to 100 hairs a day. If you have long hair, what you see in your hairbrush or shower drain may look like much more. In discerning how healthy your hair growth cycle is, it is more telling to look at what is on your head than what has fallen out. If your hair looks thinner or you are seeing patches on your scalp, you can gain insight about what may be happening by consulting with a dermatologist.

At American Dermatology Associates, Dr. Trent helps patients address hair loss using all-natural PRF treatment that stimulates more robust hair growth with a blend of stem cells, fibrin, white blood cells, and platelets. To learn more about the potential causes and solutions for hair loss, call (941) 379-6647 and schedule a visit to our Sarasota office.

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